SIP Trunking

RJ can provide SIP trunking to any SIP server or device; we provide only high-quality sound and reliability.

  • SIP Trunking is the most cost effective way to provide phone service for your business.
  • SIP Trunking allows you to take your numbers wherever you are
  • Unlike most SIP Trunk providers RJ does not compress quality and will make sure quality is upheld all the way to your handset.


RJ’s TDM PRI provides up to twenty-three channels for voice calling. This product is compatible with virtually all fax and alarm systems and can support an unlimited number of direct inward dials (DIDs) for quicker connections to each employee.

Channelized Voice T1

This T1 can carry up to twenty-four phone lines. This product supports voice traffic, faxing, modems and alarms. Any remaining bandwidth can be used to carry data traffic.

POTS / Analog Line

We are CLEC licensed and can provide standard telephone lines.